Dr. Satya Mallick, CEO of OpenCV

published on 27 April 2022

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Dr. Satya Mallick, CEO of OpenCV
Dr. Satya Mallick, CEO of OpenCV

AI has turned into a marketing term, and the result is confusion for everyone on what AI is. So, what is AI, and what isn’t AI? For example, did you know taking panorama photos or using HDR is computer vision, but not AI? I asked Dr. Satya Mallick, the CEO of OpenCV all the stupid questions you’re afraid to ask!

Why is AI Confusing?

AI is a fascinating technological pursuit, but also a confusing one. Mostly used as a marketing term the AI landscape has become confusing especially for beginners.

In this interview we ask Dr. Satya Mallick, CEO of OpenCV all your AI questions. Did you know, for example, taking panorama photos or using HDR is computer vision, but not AI? 

What is AI? No, really.

If a system or machine learns through data, it’s AI. If the process is fixed, the use is likely not AI. For example, face recognition requires AI because it learns through data and evolves over time. This is the general understanding. AI is a rapidly evolving science.

What is OpenCV for? Why do we need an open-source library for AI? In a way they are collecting the lego blocks, so builders can focus on building new things, not starting from scratch.

Can AI Ever Be Safe?

As AI controls various aspects of our lives like our modes of transportation, can we ever be truly safe? After all, technology crashes, right? Dr. Mallick explains why “buggy” software that drives us nuts, is actually quite different from software or AI running vehicles.

There are two different methodologies and developer standards. Your smartphone may have some irritating bugs, but those developers are operating under the mindset of “move fast and try new things.” The result can be bugs and crashes. Developers working on airline or vehicle software don’t leave anything to chance. This software has much more rigid standards and is meticulously tested for flaws, bugs or problems.

Should We Open Source All AI?

Because of his position at OpenCV, Dr. Mallick is an open source advocate. I believes we should make as much AI open source as possible, however he has an interesting perspective on open sourcing AI fully. Open source might not be the best transparency approach. It's more of a balance he explains. 

For example, there can be HIPAA concerns or medical privacy concerns with open sourcing various medical AI or technology. 

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