Richard Straub, Executive Director of the Global Peter Drucker Forum

published on 31 March 2022
Richard Straub
Richard Straub

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Richard Straub is the executive director of the Global Peter Drucker Forum. The annual event is going into its 14th year, and has attracted the most well-known speakers, public figures and management thinkers in the world.

The Beginnings of the Global Peter Drucker Forum

The concept of the Peter Drucker Forum was born as Straub and his wife Ilse discovered a lack of celebration in Vienna for Druckers’ 100th birthday. They connected with the Drucker Institute and eventually with Doris Drucker, wife of Peter. Doris was struck by their passion and entrusted them to run a conference honoring the man associated with the ideas of modern management, which became the Global Peter Drucker Forum. 

Straub reminds AI to Uplift Humanity listeners of the important ideals taught by Peter Drucker. Born in Vienna in 1909, Drucker is known as “The Father of Modern Management.” He started as a philosopher whose interest in management began when he asked the following question: How can organizations and institutions perform in a way that will contribute value to a modern society?

Peter Drucker’s Thoughts on Management

Straub discussed the impactful role of a manager and Druckers’ belief that they must enable their team to achieve performance. He explores the idea of a knowledge worker—a worker who knows their trade better than their manager—and the manager’s need to provide that worker with the opportunity to perform. He explains that artificial intelligence, exciting as it is, cannot be expected to deal with uncertainty in a way that a manager needs to. 

Listen as Richard Straub details Peter Druckers’ important management strategies. Are we at risk of smothering great management with modern technology and new Tayloristic methods of micromanaging?

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