Jamie Librot, Director Talent Management at Sabert

published on 31 March 2022
Jamie Librot, Director Talent Management at Sabert
Jamie Librot, Director Talent Management at Sabert

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Jamie Librot is the director of Talent Management at Sabert. At Gallup, she had a three times higher close rate than anyone else in her division, and was the top sales person for StrengthsFinder coaching consulting for 7 years. She was successful because she sold to people based on their strengths. We discuss her methodology, and if artificial intelligence can help us improve our relationships with others.

How do you define strengths?

When Librot speaks about strengths, she does so through the lens of Clifton Strengths. “Don Clifton spent 40 years studying 2 million people and found that there are 34 strengths that describe 99% of the population,” Librot explained. “You'll take a 20 to 30 minute online assessment in any of 30 languages and you will find out what your top strengths are—your greatest areas of potential.”

She uses her knowledge of strengths to connect to others on a deeper level. When we fully understand what drives someone, and what they’re natural strengths are, we are able to better connect to them. “Oprah said, her very last words to her audience were that, in 25 years of interviewing everyone from kings and queens to death row inmates. The one thing every person she interviewed had in common was they had a need to be understood.” But how did Librot know people’s strengths? She asked them to take the assessment. That’s not an option for all of us, so can AI help?

How AI Can Help Us Form Deeper Relationships

Although we’re not there yet, I asked Librot about her thoughts on if AI can help us connect to others in a deeper way. “Could you imagine how incredible that would be if everyone could immediately be seen in the way they wanted to be seen? If everyone can offer immediate value?” Librot said. 

She is also hopeful AI can allow us to see past biases and allow individuals to see what we share instead of focusing on only differences. “I would love for the world to go in that direction to see people as individuals see what we have in common instead of what makes us different.”

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