Enrique Rubio, Founder of HackingHR

published on 04 May 2022

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Enrique Rubio, Founder of HackingHR
Enrique Rubio, Founder of HackingHR

“Hacking” is to gain unauthorized access to something, so why did Enrique Rubio decide HR needed “hacking?” The founder of Hacking HR explains it all started when he was fired wrongly fired from a job and the one entity that was supposed to help did nothing.

Rubio noticed the workplace was a broken system, and instead of complaining like everyone else he decided to do something. Today, his Hacking HR community boasts an incredible speaker lineup, and a global community all focused on hacking the core code behind bad workplaces. 

Rubio mentions topics such as why recruiters use state of the art technology only to lure employees to broken work cultures, and discusses AI technologies can eliminate bias, prevent harassment, and even alerting white hat HR people of mental health challenges early.

How businesses and developers are hacking HR

Rubio explained developers in the HR space are using AI to eliminate words and expressions that prevent certain groups from applying to jobs. Did you know some words and phrases can be a turn off to minority groups?  In this way, HR can be more inclusive in their effort to get the best candidates for the best roles. 

Some companies are using technology to prevent harassment at work by providing anonymous space for employees to come forward. AI is also showing early signs that it will be used to alert managers that an employee might be having trouble without sacrificing that employees privacy. Rubio sees this technology lowing stress, and increasing mental health awareness in the workplace.


Learn more about Hacking HR at their official website, hackingHR.io

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