Briana Brownell, Founder and CEO at Pure Strategy, Inc.

published on 31 March 2022
Briana Brownell
Briana Brownell

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A large majority of the population seems to have the wrong idea about Artificial Intelligence, what it does, and what it can do. For example, the mother of Briana Brownell, founder and CEO of, tends to believe her daughter creates killer robots. But Brownell brings a different perspective to the table.

AI Can Surprise Its Creators

Artificial intelligence is an automated decision system that has some kind of intelligence inside of it. In this episode, Brownell sheds some light on the fact that we already interact with AI on a daily basis. It is not something to be afraid of, but something we can learn from. AI systems can surprise even those who created them and produce unexpected results. It goes about things in a different way that humans can learn from. 

Brownell believes that it can even help us understand ourselves better. She likes to think of it as “technology empowering us to express ourselves in ways that you never would have been able to do without that technology.”

Is AI Creative?

Brownell specifically discusses the potential creativity of AI. Chess, for instance, is a creative game. Each player must feel for their opponent, feel for the board and understand the sense of position. But when AI was taught to play chess, it took a different approach. It looked at the game in a very complex and algorithmic way. “AI is absolutely encroaching on a lot of things that we think make us human.”

Although there are definite potential problems with AI, many people are thinking about the future relationship of this technology with humans. Whether we will have controls over it or methodologies to ensure it isn’t harming users, we are at an early enough stage to still be able to work through these problems.

Listen as Briana Brownell discusses how she came to find her fascination in technology, and her vision for how artificial intelligence can uplift humanity.

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