Joseph Nelson Co-founder/CEO at Roboflow

published on 11 May 2022

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Joseph Nelson Co-founder/CEO at Roboflow
Joseph Nelson Co-founder/CEO at Roboflow

AI development is going to grow so much, if you get started today you are one of the first in history to get involved. Joseph Nelson, CEO of Roboflow is teaching computers to see and gives us a look at where AI is heading and how computers are seeing the world around them. 

What is Roboflow?

Roboflow is a computer vision company. Presently, any developers wanting to build computer vision applications, must hire up large teams led by PhDs. Roboflow's goal is to make computer vision accessible to developer team of all sizes, including solo developers tinkering for fun. 

The World of Computer Vision

Nelson showers listeners with dozens of computer vision examples and use cases. Solo developers have created apps that can detect foods that may upset a person's stomach, and apps that can tell the difference between squirrels and birds, selectively spraying squirrels with water to keep the off bird feeders. 

Pharmaceutical companies are using computer vision to autonomously count pills and verify proper medications are being filled, while other companies have build apps that automatically scan oil and gas lines for cracks. Developers in the agriculture space are using computer vision to identify and destroy weeds in fields, and climate scientists have developed cameras that can automatically detect and track fish populations. 

Nelson explains that if you can think of an industry, he can probably tell you how they are beginning to use computer vision. 

You are on the cutting edge of AI!

One fascinating aspect of the interview was on the future of AI. Nelson said anyone can get involved in AI and be early if they start today. He explained what the future of AI and computer vision looks like, and said we are so early in its development, anyone who starts in the industry today will be one of the earliest in the space in global history. 

When AI companies go analog

Even though Roboflow is an AI company, one thing that is truly fascinating is their love of human connection, and in person meetings, or what he calls "high bandwidth connections." Roboflow actually gives their employees a "meet in person" budget. Their team is all remote, and combining budgets is allowed. 

Nelson discusses bias in computer vision, malicious use, his stance on using computer vision to track people, and what trends he sees in computer vision tech. He also discusses all the various uses for computer vision, many of which that aren't top of mind. 

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